About Us- 406 Doodles

We pride ourselves on raising puppies that will be wonderful additions to the lives of doodle lovers. Family raised, handled from the day they are born, our puppies are ready to go into homes with children, dogs, or cats…or just a very loving adult!  Whatever your situation, a doodle puppy may be a great choice for you.  See below for more information on typical traits of these puppies, and what you can expect when you bring your puppy home.   

Raising happy, healthy, doodle puppies ready to join your family. 

406 petite goldendoodle puppies for sale puppies3
A 406 Doodle litter of puppies in 2020- all puppies in this photo are with their new families now!

How do I know if a Doodle Puppy is right for me?

  1. Research the breeds- both parents.  
  2. Determine if you’re ready for a puppy:
    1. Time – how much free time do you have? 
    2. Money – vet visits, equipment, food costs all can become quite high if you’re not prepared
    3. Environment – is your home/apartment appropriate for a dog?  Do you have items that are irreplaceable if a puppy chews them?
    4. Time – again.  This is most important.  You must be willing to spend time and energy to keep your puppy exercised, entertained and happy.  

I’ve determined a puppy is the right choice for me now, what’s next?

  • Review upcoming litters
  • Contact us
  • Review our Puppy Contract and agree to spay or neuter your puppy within 6 months of purchase. 
  • Make your reservation.
  • Pay your deposit
  • Review “What you need when you bring a Doodle puppy home” information.

What do you need to bring a 406 Doodle puppy home?

We require a deposit and short in-person (phone or face-to-face) interview to secure your puppy purchase. Following approval, prior to bringing your puppy home you should be prepared.  We find people often forget (or never knew) how much work a puppy can be.  Puppies chew on everything, need to go potty often, and demand a great deal of your time and attention to be sure they have the exercise and love they need to be healthy and well-adjusted.  

We recommend you have at a minimum:

  • An appropriate sized dog crate (not fabric or soft-sided)
  • Food and water bowls
  • A collar and leash (puppy size)
  • A veterinarian 
  • Puppy training plans